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Marriage Preparation

All arrangements for your wedding at Our Lady of Hope begin with an appointment with the pastor.  In order to carry out the various steps of preparation, please contact the parish at least six months before your anticipated wedding date.  If you will be having a visiting priest, priest relative or priest friend, please contact the Pastor of Our Lady of Hope before making any arrangements. 

The hours for the celebration of marriage can begin on Friday at any time and Saturday weddings are scheduled for 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 6:00 p.m.  Because of these schedule limitations, we ask that you confirm times and dates at the church before reserving reception facilities, musicians, etc.

Before a wedding date can be confirmed, it must be determined that both parties are free to marry in the Catholic Church.  In an inter-faith marriage, the Catholic party must provide a newly-issued certificate of Baptism from the church where they were baptized.  The non-Catholic can also provide a certificate of Baptism at this time.  Over and above this, however, the couple’s (or Catholic party’s) participation in and living of the Catholic-Christian faith, must be readily apparent by regular mass attendance.

The Maid-of-Honor and the Best Man are witnesses to this Christian marriage, and thus should be in good standing within their faith community.

Couples intending to marry at Our Lady of Hope must have a valid New York State marriage license (valid for 30 days), obtained at least several days before the ceremony.  Further details concerning license may be obtained from any town or city clerk office in the State.

The engaged couple is expected to attend a Marriage Preparation program sponsored by the church.  We ask couples to  call the Office of Family Life Ministries at 847-2210 as soon as you have spoken to your priest about your marriage.

The Engaged couple is encouraged to plan all aspects of the Wedding Ceremony, (prayers, readings, music, etc.), and to use the outline suggested in the Together For Life, which the Parish will supply.  At any time of question or doubt, please do not hesitate to call and speak to the priest of the Parish with whom you have begun the Marriage preparations.  Due to the shortage of priests and vacation schedules, any priest may perform the wedding.  Check with the Pastor about a specific priest request!

It is up to the couple to arrange for music for the wedding service.  We have listed the names of musicians who play for Our Lady of Hope.  Feel free to contact any one of them.  You should reserve the musicians at the same time the couple reserves a date and sees a priest for marriage instruction.  You will find that the organist can make many suggestions and will give final approval on your choice of music.  The following are some general considerations when selecting music:

  1. Secular songs (pop tunes, themes from movies, etc.) are to be sung or played before the ceremony.  Some popular music is unsuitable for Christian weddings and can be used more effectively at the reception.
  2. Songs selected should focus on the commitment of the bride and groom or the relationship between God and the Church.
  3. Music and singing ought to enhance the communal celebration and not detract from it.

In summary, the chief purpose of the music should be to contribute to the reverent spirit of worship.  The organist, and the priest will be happy to assist all couples in this regard.

All professional fees are to be settled between the couple and the individual musicians / vocalists prior to the wedding day.

Music Ministers - you may contact any of the people below to arrange for music for your wedding ceremony:

John Panepinto at 834-1013
Jenny Serniuk at 896-0205(Home) or 289-1353 (Cell)
Tony Domzal at 510-3829
Bob Chambers at 885-3767 - ext. 106

A meeting with the priest before the wedding is required.  Please make an appointment to see the priest about paperwork.  Please bring Pre-Cana Certificate and Baptismal Certificates.

The wedding offering fees are $270.00 for parishioners and $320.00 for non-parishioners. (Please make checks payable to: Our Lady of Hope Church.  Fees may be brought on the night of the rehearsal.)

Do not hesitate to contact the clergy with any questions.  We will do our best to make your wedding day a joyous beginning for your marriage!

Church Office (for an appointment): 716-885-2469
18 Greenwood Place
Buffalo, New York 14213

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