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Wedding Celebration

Helpful Hints:  

  • Entrance into the Church - While it has been customary for the Father of the Bride to walk her down the aisle, that may not fit with a contemporary view of marriage.  Be open to other ways of doing the entrance procession.  Some people like to involve both mother and father and also to involve the groom and his family. 
  • Scripture Readings - You are encouraged to select the readings of the Scripture for your service.  This allows you to have a personal involvement in the ritual.  The readings are provided in the Together for Life book.  Choose one Old Testament reading and one New Testament reading.  The priest may decide to choose the gospel unless you have a definite idea for a Gospel reading.  You do not have to have two readings; it is possible to have only one-either from the Old or New Testaments.  The priest will always read a gospel passage.  Please choose readers and ask them to attend the rehearsal so that they may practice in the church using the microphone system.  
  • Preparation of the Altar with the Bread and Wine - If you plan on having a Nuptial Mass, please invite 2-3 people to bring up the gifts in preparation for Communion.  These can be family, friends, godparents, etc...They should come to the rehearsal so they can practice in the church. 
  • Start on Time - It is important to try to start as close to the time as possible.  There are often other services on the same day.   
  • Bathroom Facilities - There is a fully equipped bathroom behind the sanctuary that can be found by going through the sacristy door at the far right of the altar.  Go all the way through and turn left at the cabinets. 
  • Handicapped Access - Our Lady of Hope is accessible for those with mobility difficulties at the right side of the church, nearest the church office.  Use the ramp.   
  • Avoid Litter - Please do not throw anything outside.  We ask that no flower petals, confetti, rice, bird seed, etc. be thrown either inside or outside of the church.  This creates safety problems.  Thank you.
  • Photography - We are happy to welcome your photographer.  We ask that they use common sense and not move about too much, but they are free to take pictures as they see fit.  They are welcome to speak to the priest/deacon before hand if they have any questions.  If your wedding is scheduled for Saturday at 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. please be sure that all photographs are  finished by 3:30 p.m. to allow set up for the 4:00  Mass.  Thank you.   
  • Flowers - Your florist should take a look at the church if he or she is not familiar with it.  Flowers arranged in large urns or on pillars on either side of the altar seem to work the best.  They need to be large and arranged to be viewed on all sides—not the one-dimensional arrangements which are placed against a wall.  Perhaps all the weddings on a given day could share the cost of the flowers, check with the rectory office to find out if there is another wedding on the same day as yours.  To set up flowers for your wedding liturgy, please have your florist check with the church to see what a convenient time would be.  Typically, 30-45 minutes before the ceremony is a good time to set up your flowers.  Please be sure that all decorations, pew bows, etc. are taken down immediately after the wedding.   Thank you.   
  • Wedding Coordinator - Toni Tripi (716-837-1882) is the wedding coordinator and will be able to answer any last minute questions.   
  • Enjoy your wedding day!  We promise to do all we can to make it special!!!

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