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Faith Zone - Free Weekly Family Activities - Diocese of Rochester

Home Activities for Families with Children at [email protected] 

For Your Marriage with a variety of other resources 

Live Lent with Renew: Prayer, Reflection and Sharing on Sunday Readings 

Three Minute Retreat –from  Loyola Press 

Weekly Home Lessons from Pflaum 

What can be done with this compelled Sabbath moment from Robert Barron 





Youth Choir Production of Fiddler on the Roof was a Smash Hit!



We long for Christ to be born in our hearts and in our world!


Our Joy is Contagious!

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In a recent post, Richard Rohr made this observation - “All great spirituality is about what we do with our pain. Creation has a pattern of wisdom; and we dare not shield ourselves from it, or we literally will lose our soul. We can obey commandments, believe doctrines, and attend church services all our lives and still daily lose our souls if we run from the necessary cycle of loss and renewal.” - Suffering is the truly great teacher, and ironically, the great healer in life. It makes us heroic in compassion. It fosters the divine aptitude for mercy. In short, it alone has the power to humanize us!

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