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Rediscover Faith in Lent

Welcome Back!  You were missed you more than you realize. 

Whether you have been away several months or several years, we are glad that you have turned your attention back to your relationship with God.  We hope that you will find us a supportive community in your reconciliation with God. 

Faith is always a struggle because it puts a claim on us and we are children of God but we are also children of our age which makes us skeptical and independent creatures.  You may have left because of family or marital problems or some dispute of principle.  You may have experienced great hardship and turned your anger toward God.  You may have been hurt by someone in the Church who does not live up to the hope that they profess in Christ Jesus.  No matter what led you away, God is urging you to return.  God wants nothing more than to give you abundant life and give you cause for joy.

Please contact someone from the parish to talk more about your relationship with Jesus Christ.  We will share with you the cause that we have for hope in Him.  If you desire more information about your identity as a Catholic please visit: Rediscovering Faith.  We hope that you will always know the breath and depth of God's love for you.

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